Is an international driver's license nedded?

No, it is not necessary. All tourists may rent a car in Montenegro in the presence of a valid national driving license.

Do you refund money if I return the car earlier?

No, we do not return the money. It is possible to get a refund of part of the money if the car is returned several days before the deadline.

What are all the locations where I can pick up a rented car in Montenegro?

You can pick up a car at the following locations: Podgorica, Podgorica Airport. Apart from these locations, you can pick up the car at any location in Montenegro, but with prior notice and agreement with us.

Can I rent a car in Albania to travel to Montenegro?

No, you can car hire only in Montenegro.

Can I rent a car in Dubrovnik to travel to Montenegro?

No, you can car hire only in Montenegro.

Can I pay for a rental car and someone else pick it up?

Yes, that is acceptable. Also, you can change the location for example: instead of Podgorica airport, you can pick up the car at Tivat airport, Podgorica, or Budva, Kotor and so on.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Montenegro?

Each agency offers its own prices. Prices depend on the type of car, age, rental period. The price range is from 15 euros to 80 euros.

Rules for drivers in Montenegro

Speed limit - on open roads is 80km / h, unless the traffic sign shows otherwise. The speed limit inside the cities is 50km/h.

Seat belt - is mandatory for fastening during the ride.

Mobile phones - The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited. A hands free system is allowed.

Bright-on lights are mandatory non-stop while driving.

What should I do if I have an accident with a rented vehicle?

If you have an accident with a rented vehicle, it is important that details are reported to the police (dial 122) and Respecta a car immediately. You must also sign any paper given by the police. Full details of third parties should also be obtained. Please, retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved. A police report is needed even in cases where the client wasn’t present when the damage occurred ( like the car was damaged on the parking lot by an unknown person, etc).

What do I need to pick up the car?

You need money, cash or a credit card and a valid driver's license. The driver's license must be in Romance script or translated.

Is a baby seat free of charge?

Baby seat is paid 4 euros daily.

Do I have to leave a deposit, and how much is it?

A deposit is not required, but the agency reserves the right to ask for it.

Is additional driver gratis?

Yes, the second driver is free of charge.

In what case the deposit will be retained?

In case of damaged tires, if you scratched the car or some other damage.

What insurance is included in the rental price?

Yes, KASKO or CDW is included. This type of insurance doesn’t cover tires and windscreen and damages caused by the driver is fault. But you can take super KASCO or SCDW on an additional cost. It covers all damages, but any insurance works only with a police report, without police report insurance doesn’t cover any damage.

Is GPS provided in the vehicles?

GPS is not included in the rental price, but can be provided in the vehicles by prior arrangement and additional payment. The map of Montenegro is not loaded in detail, so we do not recommend GPS. Instead, it is better to rent WIFI internet or use google maps on your phone.

Is there an additional charge if I want to pick the car up or return out of working hours?

No, no additional payment is required.

What if I want to travel abroad?

That's not a problem. All you need to do is inform as about that in order to give you permission and provide the necessary documents - a green card.

Is there an age limit or driving experience needed to car rental in Montenegro?

The drivers need a valid drivings licence. We do not have any restrictions about the driving experience or age limit. If you are over 18 years old, you can rent a car in Montenegro and drive our vehicles.

If I take SCVD (super comprehensive insurance), do I have to leave a deposit too?

Yes, if agency ask, you must leave deposit too, because of possible additional costs like lose any of car documents, or car key. We have to take it because of possible rental extension, in case you don’t fill the petrol, in case you damage or lose any of the car documents if you lose car key…

How do I find your agent at the airport?

It is simple. If you car rental at Podgorica airport, or rent a car at Tivat airport, our staff will wait with your name written on the board.

Can I pay by card or cash only?

We accept payment by cash or you can pay by credit card.